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Publications on agent oriented software engineering

This post collects together a list of publications on agent-oriented software engineering. The list is not meant to be comprehensive, but is intended to serve as a starting point for further research in the area. For a brief introduction to agent-oriented programming, you might find the Wikipedia article “Agent Oriented Programming” useful. Another introductory material is this article, but it’s rather terse in its presentation.

  1. A. Amin. Agent-Oriented Programming in Linear Logic. Honours Thesis, Department of Computer Science, RMIT, November, 1999.
  2. J. Dietrich, Alexander Kozlenkov, Michael Schroeder and Gerd Wagner. “Rule-based Agents for the Semantic Web.” Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, vol.2, no.4, 2003, pp.323–338
  3. S. Green, L. Hurst, B. Nangle, P. Cunningham, F. Somers and R. Evans. Software Agents: A Review. Technical Report TCS-CS-1997-06, Trinity College Dublin, 1997.
  4. J. Lind. “Issues in Agent-Oriented Software Engineering.” AOSE 2000: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering. Springer, 2001, pp.45–58.
  5. D. Sharma, W. Ma, D. Tran and M. Anderson. “A Novel Approach to Programming: Agent Based Software Engineering.” Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems. Springer, 2006, pp.1184–1191.
  6. A. Tveit. A survey of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering. Report, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, May 2000.
  7. R. K. Uhnel. Agent Oriented Programming with Java. 1997.
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