Happy Ada Lovelace Day

March 24th of each year is observed as Ada Lovelace Day. It is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science and technology. The daughter of the English poet Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace is recognized as the first computer programmer due to her work on Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. Sage contributor Christopher Olah has written a blog post celebrating the women who have enriched his creative, social, and technical experiences. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge women who contribute in wide-ranging capacities to the Sage project. So without further ado, here they are.

  • Alyson Deines — Unfortunately, I have no record of Alyson’s contribution to Sage. The only record I could find is ticket #5380, which mentions that Alyson has contributed to Sage. However, the ticket does not specify in any way what Alyson’s contributions are. I would be glad if someone could point out her contributions.
  • Amy Glen — Amy has contributed to the combinatorics module of Sage through her work on SageWords.
  • Anna Haensch — Anna made her first contribution to Sage in version 4.5.2 with her review of ticket #9317. With her work on ticket #9355, she brought the doctest coverage of the quadratic forms module up to 100%.
  • Anne Schilling — Anne is an active member of the Sage-Combinat team. She has contributed substantial code to the combinat codebase, especially through her work on crystals.
  • Charlotte (Charlie) Turner — Charlotte made several contributions to the algebraic geometry code.
  • Emily Kirkman — Emily has contributed substantial code and documentation to the graph theory module. Whenever you visualize a graph using Sage, you have Emily to thank for the visually appealing layout of graph theoretic structures.
  • Gabriele Nebe — Gabriele contributed to the quadratic forms code, especially to the computation of genera.
  • Jennifer Balakrishnan — Jennifer’s contribution include a \LaTeX mode for the Magma interface. Her work on the number theory module includes new code on computation of p-adic heights and Coleman integration.
  • Jenny Cooley — Through her Summer scholarship at the University of Warwick, Jenny contributed new code to Sage’s elliptic curves module. In particular, she implemented elliptic curve isogenies of low degree and complete isogeny classes for elliptic curves over \mathbf{Q}. Her Summer project was showcased at a poster session during October 2009.
  • Joanna Gaski — During her time as an undergraduate at the University of Washington, Joanna contributed new code to the combinatorics module. Her work allows Sage to interface with the online Sloane database of integer sequences to query the Sloane sequence A000008.
  • Kate Minola — Kate has provided substantial feedback and suggestions on Sage’s early build and automated testing systems. Many of her bug reports and constructive feedback played the critical role of making Sage’s build system portable across the Unix family of operating systems.
  • Maite Aranes — Maite has contributed substantial new code to the modular forms and number theory modules of Sage. Her wide-ranging contributions include bug reports on these modules as well as new code for cusps over number fields, Manin symbols over number fields, enhancing the reduction modulo ideals of number fields, and many utility functions relating to number fields.
  • Mariah Lenox — Mariah is known within the Sage community as the person who administers the SkyNet network of computers. It is the timely access to these machines for automated building and testing that have played a critical role in the stability of Sage and its portability across the Unix family of operating systems. Mariah has also provided constructive feedback on Sage’s documentation.
  • Teresa Gomez-Diaz — A former Axiom and MuPAD-Combinat developer, Teresa initiated Sage’s category hierarchy based on those from MuPAD and Axiom. As member of the Plume project, she actively participates in advocating Sage and Sage-Combinat on the Plume project’s website.

I hope I have not left anyone out. Feel free to add any contributions I have left out. This post appeared in the sage-devel and sage-combinat-devel forums.

2010-03-27: Added Teresa Gomez-Diaz as recommended by Nicolas M. Thiéry. Thanks, Nicolas!

2010-03-31: Updated details for Jenny Cooley, following suggestions from John Cremona.

2010-04-14: Added Gabriele Nebe and Charlotte (Charlie) Turner, following suggestions from Alex Ghitza. Thanks, Alex!

2010-09-09: Added Anna Haensch

  1. Georgina
    25 March 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks for posting this — it is very encouraging for me to see that there are actually female computer scientists/mathematicians out there =)


  1. 27 March 2010 at 10:56 am

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