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Version 0.5 of the book “Algorithmic Graph Theory”

I’m happy as a clam to announce version 0.5 of the book Algorithmic Graph Theory for your reading pleasure.

The main focus of this release is to flesh out the chapter on trees and forests. Along the way, numerous problems/exercises are added to the introductory chapter “Introduction to Graph Theory” and the chapter “Graph Algorithms”. Needless to say, there are also the multitude of typo fixes throughout the book. We, the authors of the book, gratefully acknowledge contributions from the following people while preparing this release:

  • Caroline Melles
  • Pravin Paratey

See the section “Acknowledgments” in the book for full details on their contributions. Here is an outline of topics covered in the newly fleshed out chapter “Trees and Forests”:

  • Definitions and examples relating to trees and forests.
  • Various basic characterizations of trees.
  • Techniques for constructing minimum spanning trees: a randomized spanning tree construction algorithm and the usual suspects including Kruskal’s algorithm, Prim’s algorithm, and Boruvka’s algorithm.
  • Binary trees and an algorithm to construct a random binary tree. Application topics include coding theory, Gray code, and Huffman code.
  • The usual suspects of tree traversal algorithms: level-order, pre-order, post-order, and in-order.
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